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Twitter Followers Monitor - F.A.Q.

This is a list of frequently asked questions about the application:

Q1: Where is the followers history stored?

All the data that keeps the app running is stored in the following path in your local drive:


<user> being the name of the windows account that is running the app (usually yours, obviously).

The information is stored in JSON format, so any modern language program can easily process it for any purposes.

Q2: How do I backup the app data?

If you want to keep a backup of the data generated by the program (the monitored accounts configuration and the followers history) you just need to backup the TFMData.json file described in Q1.

If your computer breaks down or a virus strikes you just need to install the app and before running it, copy the TFMData.json file to the configuration folder described in Q1.

Q3: I've renewed my computer. How do I move the app date between machines?

Just copy the TFMData.json file from the old to the new machine. Everything will look as if it had never been changed for Twitter Followers Monitor.

Q4: The app keeps telling me that I've reached the Twitter API limit. What is the problem?

Have you read the Warnings & Known Limitations section of the documentation? Maybe you're monitoring accounts with too many followers, maybe someone in your office is using the app too...

This list is a work in progress...

Support & Comments

You can post your comments in the Discussions page or create a new issue in the Issues Tracker page.

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