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Twitter Followers Monitor - Quick user's manual

1.- Adding a new account to monitor

The first time you run the application you will be asked to add a new Twitter account to monitor. This is the dialog that appears:


This is a very simple one. Just add a Twitter user name to the textbox on the top and press ENTER (or click the arrow button) and you will get all the information about that account:


If the account is the one that you intended to monitor, click on the green check button on the right to add it to the list of monitored accounts.

You're done.

2.- Notifications

You'll see a small icon in the system notification area, next to the clock:


This icon indicates that the app is running. Please, make sure that the icon and its notifications are always visible.

The application checks for changes in the followers list of all the monitored Twitter accounts every 15 minutes.

When changes are detected the icon turns red instead of green (TFM_notifyicon) and a balloon tooltip is shown to reflect those changes:


This notification lasts for a few seconds and is only shown if you're logged into the system.

Note: If the machine is locked or you're disconnected from a remote desktop session, the app keeps monitoring all the accounts and changes in the followers' list will be saved. All the accumulated notifications will be shown just once the next time you unlock your session or connect through remote desktop.

This icon remains red until you access the application's main window to see the details. That way you will always know just by taking a look if there have been changes, and if you have missed the balloon tooltip notifying them.

Just click on the notification icon to open the main Window.

3.- The main window

This is the main window of the application, with its elements explained in the callouts:


On the top of the windows there is a toolbar.

The first two buttons in it control the list of the monitored accounts. You can add new Twitter accounts to monitor using the plus sign green button on the left. And using the second (minus) red button you can remove them from the list of monitored accounts.

If you unfold the list and select a different account, its followers history will be shown in the main area of the window, below the toolbar.

The green curved arrow just after the accounts list allows you to force a new check and update of the followers of all the accounts in the list.

It's very important to pay attention to the "Twitter API status info" area on the right. It shows in real time the number of anonymous Twitter API calls remaining, and the time they will be reset. Check the Known Limitations section because this a crucial to take into account.

The two remaining buttons are the "About" button, that you can use to check the app version and donate, and the "Close app" button. This button is the only way to close the app  because if you click on the normal "close window" button the app is just minimized to the system's notification area.

4.- Current status

When changes in the followers lists are detected they are notified through the icon in the notification area (see point 2.) When you click on the icon and open the main window the changes are reflected (using a red font) in the status area at the bottom of the window.

This is the place to look at when you're not sure about what the last detected changes were.

5.- The Followers History/Timeline

This is the main area in the window. It shows the history of detected changes in the current selected account follower's.

For each follower the basic information is shown and you can see the date when they started to follow/unfollow the selected account. The green or red circle next to the date indicates if the user is a new follower (green circle) or someone who has stopped following you (red circle).

  • New Follower: NewFollower
  • Lost FollowerLostFollower

The app will keep an unlimited track record of all the movements detected in every monitored account.

IMPORTANT: It's worth noting that the dates shown in the timeline are the dates when the new or lost followers was detected. This is not necessarily the date when the change happened. The reason is that, if the application was not running when the change happened, then it will detect the event later. That's the main reason for advising you to run the app during startup and keep it running all the time.

On the right portion of the window you can see the most up to date information about the account you're following.

6.- Automatic Updates

When a new version of the app is released you will get a notification windows informing about the new version, and offering the chance to go directly to the download.

As long as the app is installed through ClickOnce from Codeplex, the best thing to do is simply close the app and run it again from the start menu. That way the new version will be automatically downloaded and installed.

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