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Twitter Followers Monitor - Installation instructions

First of all you need to have the .NET Framework 4.0 Client Profile installed (download).

The application is available to download as ClickOnce setup. That means that you only need to go to the downloads page, click the "ClickOnce Installer" link, and you're done!


After clicking the link and accepting the Open Source license, a launch dialog will show up briefly:


This dialog will check for the system requirements and will download and install all the needed components and executables.

After that a security dialog will ask you for permission to install:


Click the Install button on the left and the installation will start:


This is a very fast process.

After a few seconds you're done. The app will start up and will ask you for a new Twitter account to monitor (read this later).

Ensuring the app runs on start up

By default the app gets installed in your system and you don't need administrative privileges to do it.

You will see a shortcut to the app in your start menu:


The problem with this is that, by this means, the app will not run automatically after every reboot (for example after installing new system updates). This can have very bad effects because of the Twitter API limitations, so it's advised to run the app in every startup.

To do this just drag and drop with  the right button of the mouse the shortcut to the "Startup" group, as shown:


Now, you will see the shortcut copied in the startup group:


That way the app will run each time the system restarts.


To uninstall the app you just need to go to "Control Panel-->Programs & Features" and search for Twitter Followers Monitor in the list of installed programs. Select the item and click "Uninstall".

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